Story Gathering

The heart of this project is people’s stories. Without them there would be no Barrowland Ballads. We’re inviting people to share their memories and experiences of the Barrowland, be it as a ballroom or a roller disco or a gig venue. We’re also asking people who have worked and still work at the Barrowland Ballroom to tell us their experiences.

We’ve already gathered many memories and stories from our research and development last year. No story is too big or too small or too strange for us. A wide range of memories and anecdotes will flavour our work and make it, we hope, representative of many people’s experiences of the famous and beloved Barrowland Ballroom. Please take a look at the submit your story page of this website and share your Barrowland memories with us: tell us where your favourite place to stand at a gig is or about the first time you went there or about your granny and grandad who met at the dancing, or anything else that stands out for you.

Here are some pictures from our recent research and development when the Barrowland management allowed us to invite people into the empty building for a tour and a chat.