Completely empty and void of other revelers, the Barrowland Ballroom is spectacular to behold. Wood paneled walls, art deco lights, and 1960s Avant-Garde tiles. A 2000 capacity Scandinavian sprung dance floor that radiates pink and yellow hues with an all-encompassing arched ceiling sporting sporadically placed handmade ceramic stars. The downstairs bar, vintage darkened leather benches, some ripped and taped over, are illuminated solely by red neon musical notes.


Picture the Barrowland Ballroom empty like this and it could be in any town in any country and any decade. It’s only when you fill the Ballroom with people for a gig that you realise this is Glasgow, in the 21st century. And in the darkness on gig nights perhaps most people miss these small details – understandably – there is a band to see, beers to be bought, and all in a small window of time. There is no time for interior design details and star gazing at the ceiling…