As part of Barrowland Ballads, Mitch will be realising a long-held dream – to make a dialectogram of the Barrowland Ballroom. Dialectograms (before you ask…) are illustrations of places, showing them in great- some might say excruciating – detail. The material for the dialectogram comes together through months of careful research with residents and employees. Mitch spends as much time on site as possible sketching, mapping and listening to the people who know the place best.

Over several phases between the studio and being on site, Mitch will pull together a massive, 1m x 1.6m graphic artwork that used the shape of the Barrowland itself to tell its story. The drawing is completed in phases, and participants are encouraged to see and comment upon the work as it progresses.

The final result will look like a cross between a comic strip, a map and an architectural drawing (if the architect had lost their ruler down the back of the couch…). To get an idea of how it will look, you can check out past dialectograms of places such as the Red Road flats, A Showman’s winter yard, Meadowbank Stadium in Edinburgh, a children’s adventure playground in Dalmarnock and most recently, Falkirk Steeple at

By the end of Barowland Ballads, Mitch hopes to see the dialectogram installed in-situ for the enjoyment of staff, gig-goers and artists to enjoy. In the meantime – he has work to do! Mitch will be looking to gather stories about (and in) every corner of the building – if you think you can help, please contact him through here>.