Colonel Mustard

You never know what to expect to see and photograph at a Barrowlands Gig.  The fans are different, the bands are different and the ages vary from youngsters to elders. For our work as Recollective we turn up at many gigs not knowing what to expect – if we are really lucky we get backstage passes to meet the bands, otherwise, it’s in the press pit for me with all the other photographers. I had never heard of Colonel Mustard and the Dijon 5 beforehand but their gig in December 2018 looked promising as I was given access backstage to photograph as well as a AAA pass.

Nothing could have prepared me for the chaos, wonder, and beauty that’s a Colonel Mustard Gig! When I got backstage I realised there were more people in the dressing room than there were frontstage. I lost count of how many members were actually in the band and I have never seen so many shiny happy people drinking buckfast in a non-threatening manner, not to mention the number of inflatables.

I was allowed to shoot the full gig from wherever I chose (none of the ‘First Three Songs, No Flash’ nonsense) – it was the best concert I have photographed so far and expect a few more from this night to make the final book edit…